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  • http://www.wimdijkgraaf.com Wim Dijkgraaf

    Hi there,

    I bought, installed the plug-in and configured it. All works find. Just the layout (margins) doesn’t fit with the rest of site. I’m not a CSS expert at all (just beginning to study that) but I think it’s because my theme uses a padding of 15px and menu has a padding of 0px.

    Here is the site: http://www.effortlessharmonica

    Can someone give me some directions how to get the elements aligned?

    Many thanks in advance,

    Wim Dijkgraaf

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Wim

    Please add this CSS into your theme CSS file:

    #social-surf-menu .content-pad {

    That should fix the margin issue.

  • Jackey


    Installed the menu, but I have issues with Safari (mac) an ipad. The menu randomly seizes to work. Looks like a jquery problem. No problems in Firefox.

    Can anyone reproduce this?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jackey,

      The menu is using CSS3, not jQuery. Can you please explain me the problem in a little more detailed way?

  • Jackey

    The sub-menus on this page do not work with iPad.

  • http://www.realwayoflife.com/ F Sinibaldi

    are you planning to add pinterest icon?

  • Guillermo_de_Llera


    Is there a way to centre the entire menu rather than having it on the right of the screen?

    • Tmeist3r

      Hi Guillermo,

      it’s possible but it’s a big change that is not as simple as changing a CSS rule, you need a job to customize the menu.


  • Harald Schmidt

    Is there a chance go add a simple mail icon?

  • Jessica

    I purchased this and have the receipt via email, but it is not showing up in my site under added sections…am i missing something

    • Jessica

      so i got it set up but I don’t see the menu above …it only shows the top menu

  • Robert Campbell

    Is there a reason this section can only be added to the header? I’d really like to drop this in the MoreFoot section. My client wanted to move her social profile icons below the page, something Pagelines Framework can’t do on it’s own, so I assumed a special pay section would offer the capability to drop the social profile icons into any section. Other than the different look, what is different about this than the Pagelines built-in functionality?

  • pilpelim

    I want to buy or download the plugin, and it does not work, how can I do it?